Shipping Policy

All orders will be shipped directly from our warehouse to the address you specify. Shipping typically takes 8-12 business days, but may be delayed to the next business day if there are holidays.

We will ship your order the “next business day” after confirming your order. Please refer to the delivery schedule below before placing your order, as the delivery date may vary depending on the date and time of your order. Orders placed up to 18:00 each day will begin processing the next business day.

  • Ordered on Monday 00:00-18:00 – Confirmed on Tuesday
  • Ordered on Tuesday 00:00-18:00 – Confirmed on Wednesday
  • Ordered on Wednesday 00:00-18:00 – Confirmed on Thursday
  • Ordered on Thursday 00:00-18:00 – Confirmed on Friday
  • Ordered on Friday 00:00-18:00 – Confirmed on the following Monday

Orders placed during public holidays will be processed according to the announced schedule.

Tariffs and VAT
Tariffs and VAT are set by the customs authorities of the country or region where the goods are purchased, and are based on the country of manufacture of the goods. The amount of duty is determined by the classification of the goods. The amount you pay at the time of purchase does not include local customs duties and VAT, which may or may not be levied at the discretion of the local customs office. For further information about this, please refer to the relevant tax authorities in your country.

How do you manage to keep the prices so low?

By sacrificing shipping time. We get the items shipped direct from the manufacturers, which means it takes 8-12 business days, but it saves a TON of costs in logistics (bulk shipping costs to the US, customs fees, warehousing costs, product handing fees, USPS / UPS costs). No joke – all that stuff can turn a $80 product into $110 product pretty quickly. By giving up shipping time, we’re saving you a butt-ton of money.

Can I have a tracking number?

Yes, Sure Once All The Information Is Avaiable In Our System We Will Send You Your Tracking Number Right Away If We Didn't, Just E-Mail Us At And We Will Send You Your Tracking Number Right Away!

Hey where’s the other thing I ordered?

Since our products are made by a few different manufacturers, if you order a few different items, they may arrive separately so don’t freak out if you open the packet and there’s an item missing!

Is my payment info safe?

We accept payment via Paypal for all online orders. When you complete the order, you will be paid in Paypal, and you will be transferred to an SSL encrypted Paypal server, where you can complete the purchase and enter payment details through your Paypal account.
We will be notified by Paypal as soon as the payment has been successfully completed. Payment via Paypal is effected immediately and we receive a message from Paypal as soon as the funds have been paid into our account. We accept payment via Paypal in US Dollars. When you make the payment in PayPal the sum will be converted from US dollars to the currency of your choice. AOOwatch is a PayPal Verified Member.
(Additional information:

You can feel confident knowing that your personal and account information is secure. We employ the latest encryption technology in all parts of our site that require any personal information.When you are paying with Paypal we use secure online shopping that support the SSL protocol.
This encryption protocol automatically scrambles information such as Paypal, billing and address details so that generally, other computers are unable to decipher the information, ensuring privacy and security.
(For more information, visit:

What if there is a problem with my product?

Let us know as soon as you can and we’ll either send you a new one, or give you your money back. No further questions asked. We know what it feels like to get a dud after waiting patiently for ages (and unfortunately when you ship enough orders it happens, not often but it does happen) so we’ll do everything in our power to make it right.

Have more questions? Feel free to contact us at: